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Monday, May 01, 2006

The Anthem as a Rallying Cry

Two recent spots, one from Dunkin Donuts and one from Burger King, both use anthemic music and a cast of hundreds of people as a way of creating a sort of rallying cry to its core customers. In the case of BK, that means targeting males 18-35 or thereabouts with this piece from CP+B, the agency that in the past few years has reinvigorated the BK brand with quirky and, dare I say it, hip advertising that is light-years beyond anything the agencies for McDonald's and Wendy's are doing.

Burger King: "Manthem"

That "I'll admit I've been fed quiche" line is classic. The minivan into the dumptruck is inspired. The Asian businessman karate-chopping the cement block is hilarious.

As for Dunkin, their core consumers are there for the coffee, which is 63% of their sales (and probably a healthy percentage of their profit margin, since coffee isn't that difficult to make or expensive to buy, especially in bulk).

Dunkin’ Donuts: Doing things
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People don't go to Dunkin Donuts for ambience or gourmet coffee—they go there to get their morning (and afternoon, and nightly) caffeine fix so that they can go about their day, something perfectly encapsulated in this ad with music by They Might Be Giants. "Dunkin Donuts: it's how everyday people get things done every day. America runs on Dunkin." It's so simple and perfect that it should be mandatory learning material in advertising classes. This is part of a rebranding campaign that's underway courtesy HHCC, and I'll go more in depth about what I think of it at a later point.


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